How can rebranding a company impact its reputation? What causes a company to move forward with the rebranding process? Kurt Swanson joins this episode to talk about the crowdfunded air conditioner, Kapsul, formerly known as Noria. In our conversation, Kurt opens up about the decision to rebrand his company, challenges they’ve faced over the last two years, what it was like taking Kapsul on the road, tips for inventors, and much more! You don’t want miss a minute of this fascinating episode featuring Kurt and innovative product, Kapsul!

Why would a company go through the rebranding process?

Let’s face it, rebranding a company isn’t the easiest process in the world. What would cause a business leader to start that process? How would it play out? For Kurt Swanson and his team at Noria, the decision came down to dealing with an international trademark issue. While they loved the name, Noria, it made sense for them to avoid the legal confrontation and start the rebranding process. In an effort to avoid the same branding issue again, Kurt and his team went through a lengthy and thorough process to come up with the Kapsul brand. Learn more from Kurt’s perspective by listening to this engaging episode!

Getting your product in front of backers and the general public.

What does it take to engage your audience and get them excited about your product? While telling a compelling story and using the medium of photography and video can be helpful, nothing beats getting your product into the hands of your customers. Having faced delays with product delivery, Kurt Swanson was eager to get his product in front of his backers and the general public. This eagerness led Kurt and his team to take Kapsul on the road to generate renewed interest and publicity for their innovative product. Their efforts paid off and the feedback was immensely helpful for Kurt and his team. What can you learn from Kurt’s journey?

Community managers are worth their weight in gold!

How will your brand engage its followers? Do you have a plan in place or do you hope to figure it out as you go? Don’t make the mistake that many brands later regret! If you haven’t learned from the many stories of brands that have come before, learn from Kurt’s story with Kapsul! One of the key decisions from early on that Kurt wishes he would have made is the decision to hire a community manager. Since hiring a community manager, Kurt and his team have been able to devote more time and resources to get their product into the hands of their backers. Learn more from Kurt and why he is so happy with his decision to bring on a community manager by listing to this informative episode!

Setting the right expectations can make all the difference.

One of the best ways to build trust in the crowdfunding community is to be upfront about the process and to maintain an open line of communication with your backers. Too often brands get sidetracked and off target when it comes to these important practices. Don’t fall into the same trap! If you want your crowdfunded product to succeed, make sure to communicate realistic expectations to your backers from day one. Do everything in your power to avoid overselling and under delivering! If more and more inventors take the time to carefully and accurately communicate what backers should expect with the whole crowdfunding process, the community will be better for it. Hear Kurt Swanston expand on his advice for inventors and much more on this episode!

Key Takeaways

  • [1:05] Kurt Swanson joins the podcast
  • [1:50] Why did Noria change its name to Kapsul? How did it go down?
  • [5:30] Kurt gives an update on Kapsul since their first crowdfunding project 2 years ago.
  • [7:50] What was it like taking Kapsul on the road?
  • [9:20] How can inventors avoid product delivery delays?
  • [12:00] Kurt talks about hiring a community manager.
  • [13:30] Advice for an inventor considering a crowdfunding campaign.
  • [14:10] Kurt enters the Launch Round – rapid fire questions.
  • [16:20] Why you should check out Kapsul.


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