Today we welcome back accomplished entrepreneur, designer and four time crowdfunding champion Kendal Liddle of Kendal&Hyde to follow up on his past projects Kickstarter success. If you missed our first interview with the savvy startup founder you can check that out here before diving deeper into the incredible crowdfunding success they’ve seen since last we spoke. During our interview we focus on follow up Kickstarter campaigns, how to make the most out of repeat backers and the making of a powerful brand. Enjoy!

The Kendal&Hyde Boot Kickstarter Campaign

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Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • How to parlay Kickstarter success with follow up campaigns
  • Why you never know what to expect with crowdfunding campaigns
  • How to use humanitarian missions to fuel a company’s success
  • The reasons design startups do so well on Kickstarter
  • How to run multiple crowdfunding campaigns at once
  • Thoughts on product variations and accomodating backer revisions
  • How to take advantage of post campaign success
  • Ways you must take care of and engage with your backers
  • Why repeat backers are the key to sustainable businesses
  • The way you can crowdsource product creation
  • Why you must love the products you’re producing
  • Overcoming your ego in entrepreneurship
  • How to create a consistent brand experience
  • Why Kickstarter is perfect for crushes customer acquisition
  • The importance of limiting options in product design
  • Why your startup should build around an anchor product
  • Ways to build up a backer support network

Success Quotes

  • “If I had listened to my customers I would have designed a faster horse.” -Henry Ford


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