David’s Kickstarter campaign didn’t go as planned. Our entrepreneur launched and fell flat cause he didn’t have the time and preparation necessary to succeed. Today we examine Kickstarter launches, when to pull an unsuccessful campaign and preparing to relaunch and crush your crowdfunding campaign. David’s an awesome Art of the Kickstart listener and got a great product…now he’s just working towards rocking it.

Brushlogger’s Kickstarter Bio

Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Why even average people can create successful Kickstarter products
  • How to startup business brainstorm products
  • How to know when to pull the plug on a Kickstarter campaign
  • The best way to validate your product idea
  • The reason intellectual property isn’t an end all to success
  • Why great ideas in your head aren’t always what people want to purchase
  • How to turn a silly adult problem into a profitable health product
  • Keep it simple stupid, get that product out there ASAP
  • How to react to an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign
  • Advance strategies for viral product sharing
  • Why planning your project launch takes longer than anticipated
  • How to find incredible entrepreneurial communities for much needed startup support

Succcess Quotes

“When you wanna succeed as you wanna breath, then you will be successful.”



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