Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur extraordinaire Lisa Fetterman’s unleashing a mouthwatering masterpiece of startup success. Learn from this founder how to bake passion into your business and build a seven figure Kickstarter success story. Turn sales sexy and pull backers into the world and mission of your incredible company.

The Nomiku Kickstarter Campaign

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Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Why incredible enthusiasm can’t help but create company success
  • How dating and relationships can create a killer Kickstarter team
  • How entrepreneurs turn problems into profitable businesses
  • Why chefs make rockstar entrepreneurs
  • The reason the life of the entrepreneur is full of uncertainty
  • Why having more FUN is critical to startup success
  • How to create a charismatic Kickstarter success and crush the crowdfunding video
  • Why makerspaces are leading the charge of crowdfunded innovation
  • How hackers create incredible chefs
  • Turning a pitch into a mouthwatering product sale
  • Why startups are anything but glamorous
  • How to sell experiences to backers that pull people in
  • What happens after OVER a million in Kickstarter funding
  • The power of mentors and accelerators, especially in product businesses
  • Why entrepreneurs NEED to learn the art of manufacturing



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