Neil Patel joins today and breaks down post-Kickstarter internet marketing, customer acquisition and sustainable business success. Today interviews is full of strategies to boost conversions, grow your business and get products profitable as quickly as possible. Enjoy!

Neil Patel Marketing Gems

  • How physical product entrepreneurs can get exposure
  • Way guest posts are a great strategy to build an audience
  • Repeating customer strategies for sustainable sales
  • Building a mailing list to acquire customers
  • How and why to use autoresponders
  • Split testing for product startups and what you need to know
  • The power of customer surveys and analytics
  • Passion vs profit for startups – you must solve problems!
  • Should your startup take outside investment or not
  • The importance of agility and pivots in startup team success
  • How to execute and focus on customers vs founder desires
  • Crowdfunder strategies to post-Kickstarter internet marketing
  • How to learn effectively from past mistakes
  • Why me-too businesses and products are lame and not successful in long run

Neil’s Businesses are Badass!

  • HelloBar – Opt-ins on your site
  • CrazyEgg – Heatmaps and customer tracking
  • QuickSprout – Blog on incredible marketing tactics
  • KISSMetrics

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