Today is incredible. Martin Källström, the crowdfunding genius behind the Memoto $500k+ Kickstarter campaign is dropping serious startup strategy and crowdfunding course knowledge as we walk step-by-step through the war startup product ideas, validation business models and how to unleash an avalanche of Kickstarter campaign success. Easily one of our most actionable interviews and I’d suggest keeping a pen and paper handy for when our entrepreneur extraordinaire builds your pre-launch planning!

The Memoto Kickstarter Campaign

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Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • How to launch a Kickstarter campaign, step-by-step
  • Why you must try to create value each and every day
  • How to creating a meaningful and fulfilling business model
  • The evolution of crowdfunding
  • How to brainstorm startups for success
  • Creativity vs Inspiration in analyzing startup ideas
  • How to take advantage of the wearable revolution
  • Ways you must find intersections of advancement for business growth
  • Why you shouldn’t necessarily build the first business that comes to mind
  • The way startup success parallels the Hunger Games
  • Why you must talk to 100 people to understand how to pitch your idea
  • Split testing customer experiences for Kickstarter success
  • How to prevent your Kickstarter campaign from sucking
  • Why sharing secrets can transform the face of your company
  • The importance of building up a powerful pre-launch list
  • Why you need to push your product on media outlets to make it big
  • Ways to build up press embargoes to make a crowdfunding splash like an avalanche

Success Quotes

  • “You should never  strive for success, always strive to great value” -Albert Einstein


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