Roy and Matt are back for Matt’s last episode of Art of the Kickstart! Join them as they talk to Bryce Fisher, serial entrepreneur and creator of the Ravean heated down jacket, and get his take on market validation with Kickstarter, creating the perfect email list and more.

The World’s First Heated Down Jacket w/ 6X Mobile Charging

Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Matt’s words of wisdom for the future of crowdfunding
  • How the Ravean team formed
  • The inspiration behind a heated jacket
  • The first step to launching a Kickstarter campaign
  • The strategy behind using a three page website to understand the market
  • How to figure out market validation with just a couple hundred dollars
  • How Kickstarter is a form of second-level validation
  • The importance of getting your marketing in front of people who already understand crowdfunding and Kickstarter
  • How to lower your cost per acquisition and boost your ROI
  • Targeting people who are familiar with Kickstarter lowers your cost per acquisition and boosts your ROI
  • Using email lists to create a lookalike audience
  • How to find the technology you need for your project by partnering with other businesses
  • Why education = power


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