How to Make Sure Your Crowdfunding Landing Page Converts Into Leads

Good landing pages make all the difference in crowdfunding campaigns. But you don’t want your audience to simply land on your page; a great landing page effectively converts visitors into leads and potential backers. In addition to a few must-have elements, landing pages must add power to their punch in order to drive conversions and get leads for your Kickstarter or Indiegogo launch.

Say No to Scrolling

The whole point of a landing page is to increase engagement. If a user has to hunt for a form, he or she likely will not take the time. So as you design the page, make engagement effortless. Keep the sign-up box at the top of the page and in a contrasting color. Best-selling author and one of Forbes’ “top 10 marketers” Neil Patel’s number one tip is to keep the form above the “fold” so the user does not have to scroll. This is the most viewed area and where engagement is at its highest.

Looks Matter

The old adage rings true: A picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure the images you use convey the right words about your campaign. The first image your potential customers see of your product will make a deep impression. Do not simply use a photo or graphic because you have it. Use the picture(s) that best represent your product or campaign.

Additionally, your landing page should look clean, professional and put together. Remember, a landing page needs to convey trust. Think of your experiences in the physical world. When you go to a business, are you more likely to give your information to a well-kept person in clean, professional attire, or to a disheveled employee with dirty, ripped clothing? To gather leads from those who land on your landing page, take time to create the best presentation.

Showcase Your Project

People love stories. In business, good storytelling has long been used as a tool for persuasion. Videos should be kept short (two to four minutes). Any prepared script should be kept to a single page or less. Visitors do not have long attention spans, so get to the point quickly. Always keep your target audience in mind, and make sure to craft a relevant message that appeals to these people.

Use Incentives

A different old adage does not always ring true: Just because you have built it does not mean they will come. Simply asking for an email address is not going to convert visitors. People are far more likely to give you something if they get something in return. Research shows incentives boost engagement. On the landing page, consider providing a reward to the people who give you their email address. If you can host a giveaway of your product where people enter their email address in exchange for a chance to win, that is ideal.

Ads That Work

Using Facebook Ads is a great way to target the audience you want. Because Facebook’s data allows you to target users based on location, demographics and interests, Facebook Ad campaigns are quite accurate.

To get the right people, you have to find the right people. When you reach out in ways that are relevant to them, those people are more likely to convert and learn about your product. That said, it is necessary to take the time to really understand your target audience. You do not want to spend a lot of money on ads that go to the wrong group of people.

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