Welcome to 2015, the year your entire world changes. What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Whether you’re looking to:

  • Crowdfund your business
  • Lose weight
  • Have a happier life
  • Make more money

…or whatever you are striving for this year, I’m right there with you 100% and hope Art of the Kickstart somehow helps you in achieving your goals.

And you know what – I’m excited too. 2015 is going to INCREDIBLE.

For me 2014 was a wild ride. From finishing college, failed entrepreneurial endeavors and starting Art of the Kickstart, it was constantly shifting and changing.

Speaking of, I saw more of the world than I’d ever dreamed of. From interning in Europe to entrepreneur adventures in South East Asia, my world has exponentially expanded.

What I’m Excited About NOW

I’ve hinted at what’s next for Art of the Kickstart. I want to empower as many awe-inspiring inventors and entrepreneurs as possible but it’s impossible to give everyone the time and guidance they need.

You guys asked for a step-by-step course walking you through crowdfunding. That’s what I’ve building behind the scenes for months now.

I’m so pumped to say it is finally there. We’ll be launching the Art of the Kickstart Crowdfund Academy ONE WEEK from today, January 8th to start crowdfunding your dreams.

The winter holidays are the worst time for crowdfunding anyways. With everyone off work, enjoying time with family and friends and hopefully having heaping holiday helpings…there isn’t much of an audience to launch to.

That’s why I’ve pushed so hard to get this video course created for you.

It’s the perfect time to begin building your Kickstarter. Seriously, what better way to start your New Year with a bang than to overcome all the doubts and fears and start funding your dream.

As Long As You Launch…

…it doesn’t matter if you buy the course or build it and learn it all yourself. Either way I’d be incredible pumped if you personally are taking action.

Seriously, just start!

Begin building your Kickstarter today. Launch that bad boy a few months from now, fulfill on your New Year’s resolution and then come on the podcast to share your story.

That is inspiration we all live for and feed off of. It’s was coursing through my veins just considering how many aspiring entrepreneurs are getting ready to take the plunge.

A Year in Review

2014 was the year of crowdfunding. The crowd-powered juggernaut we all love and believe in flexed bulging biceps and showed the world that the little guys, the inventors and entrepreneurs of the world could not only complete, but THRIVE.

We saw:

  • Coolest Cooler crushed the record books, over $13.2 million for a guy and perfect picnic accessory.
  • The infamous obnoxiousness of Potato Salad gripped audiences as a guy on a mission for potato salad perfection raised tens of thousands .
  • 86 awesome crowdfunders came on Art of the Kickstart to share their stories. They raised over $14 million!
  • Vince Ng with over 15 successful campaigns and awesome aesthetics
  • WakaWaka rocking out with over a million in multiple successes
  • Kendal & Hyde crushing the leather goods market
  • SmartMat supercharging the yoga industry

…and so many other incredible entrepreneur success stories.

It was a wild and crazy time in the world of crowdfunding.

The Big question though…

What Do You Have in Store For 2015?

Is this the year you finally do it, finally get your product out to the people?

If you’re looking for accountability you’re in luck. We’re going to have an Art of the Kickstart entrepreneurial adventure shout out.

Have any goals or big plans you want to announce? Write in and I’ll compile the best and most exciting listener targets for 2015 and have a compilation of everything the entrepreneurs and inventors of the show are shooting for in 2015.

Let’s get pumped up and push out crowdfunded success together. That is the name of the game after all.

My Goals For 2015

The New Year is always a time to reevaluate. From job critiques, startup success and even weight loss goals, we always want to be better, healthier and wealthier than the year before.

Personally I’ve been networking with inventors and entrepreneurs and carefully considering my goals and aspirations for the upcoming year. What do I want to do, accomplish, empower? What are my goals as an entrepreneur?

After some thought here’s what I’ve come up with:

1. Grow Art of the Kickstart

Though it’s been wild ride, I believe this is just the beginning for Art of the Kickstart. We’ve seen what knowledge and tactics can do to enable inventors and entrepreneurs across the globe. Heck, Kickstarter and Indiegogo are perfect examples of this.

But crowdfunding is growing and evolving, not static. And I don’t know how yet, but Art of the Kickstart is going to change along these same lines. I want to help take the crowdfunding movement to new heights. Any suggestions or ideas in this departent would be awesome and greatly appreciated as I’m always open to helpful advice.

2. Crowdfund My Own Product

This is critically important for me. I’ve consulted and heldpe clients with numerous campaigns and been involved in tons of product launches… but I’ve never built a physical product myself.

Here is a challenge I cherish. I started Art of the Kickstart out of a love of creativity, product development and entrepreneurship. Now I want to live that adventure so many of you incredible inventors have experienced and overcome the trials and tribulations myself.

3. Interview At Least 7 Listeners For the Podcast

The purpose of Art of the Kickstart is to help you folks build your businesses. I’d love to turn Art of the Kickstart into the Mixergy of crowdfunding, a place where accomplished ex-listeners who’ve learned and launched their own campaigns come on to share their stories.

Whether you purchase the Launch Course to walk you through crowdfunding success or the podcasts changed your world and help your startup fund, I’d love the opportunity to interview you.

If you’re a listener of the show and looking to launch be sure to let me know and we can get your exclusive interview here on Art of the Kickstart to showcase your story!

Final Thoughts

Quit reading this blog post and go take some action. Cold calls, product demos, researching your Kickstarter campaign…whatever it takes to turn 2015 into your year of business success, that’s what you should do.

Together let’s turn out an incredible year and just maybe change the world.