Health and fitness guru and wearable techie lover Crystal Butler joins Art of the Kickstart to share the story of her failed Kickstarter campaign PosturePulse and the lessons she learned from running her crowdfunding campaign. Good news is she’ll be back to Kickstarter with a higher tech posture wearable device in the future to help us all improve.

The Posture Pulse Kickstarter Campaign

Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • The challenges of creating low tech tech products
  • What happens when a Kickstarter campaign fails
  • How to take customer feedback and pivot business strategies
  • The challenges of creating electronics for non-tech founders
  • Why building businesses around a passion is paramount to success
  • The importance of aesthetics in wearable product design
  • How to compete with competing products on Kickstarter

Success Quotes

“The best is the enemy of good.” -Voltaire

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