Landing Page Builders to Use When Creating a Crowdfunding Landing Page

Having a landing page to collect email addresses is a key part of running a successful crowdfunding campaign. It’s also important for this page to be completed well before a campaign goes live in order to begin collecting enough leads. You’ll want to reach out to these people as soon as your campaign goes live in order to successfully fund your project soon after launch.

Your landing page can be simple, but there are a few things that it needs to have:

  • A compelling headline – this should explain the benefit of your product to the user in simple language, highlighting its primary features
  • Supporting information – here is where you can get into greater detail explaining the product
  • A sign up box – this is arguably the most important part of the page as it’s how you’ll collect leads
  • An incentive to sign up – just asking for people’s email addresses won’t get you very far, so offer something in return, such as a chance to win your product
  • Quality images – high quality product and lifestyle photos show off your product and its benefits to those who visit your page

Once you’re familiar with the components your landing page needs to have and have a basic outline of your page in mind, you can begin building it. Below we’ve outlined some of our favorite tools for creating a landing page.


KickoffLabs allows you to create viral marketing campaigns to gather leads and grow your email base. In addition to building beautiful, high-converting, easy-to-make landing pages, KickoffLabs allows you to create pop-ups,opt-in forms and automated email responders. Additionally, it features referral program capabilities including word-of-mouth referrals, contests and leaderboards. It also provides the analytics you need, including A/B testing, lead demographic data and conversion rate analytics.

KickoffLabs is ideal for those with no HTML or coding knowledge who want to create a simple landing page.


Wishpond has similar capabilities to KickoffLabs: it allows you to create beautiful, mobile-responsive landing pages using a drag and drop editor. It also allows you to create popups and forms, run contests and promos and automate some of your marketing efforts.

Wishpond’s landing page builder is more complex than Kickofflabs’, but it does offer some advanced functionality, and is ideal if you have some familiarity with coding. Features of Wishpond’s landing page builder include:

  • Lead-generation forms
  • Real-time analytics
  • Merge tags
  • WordPress plugins
  • Ability to publish on your own domain
  • Ability to publish on your Facebook Page
  • Custom CSS and Javascript
  • Auto-submit links
  • Parallax effects

Build Your Own

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention building your own landing page. While not as simple as using a drag-and-drop editor, by building your own page you can completely customize every aspect of it in order to get a page that converts well. Building your own landing page will require a developer’s skills, but if you don’t have one on your team, you can hire one to build the site. If you already have a website that performs well, consider contacting the developer who built it and having them add a sign-up form and any other missing pieces.

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