If you follow companies like Arduino or Raspberry Pi, you definitely won’t want to miss this episode of Art of the Kickstart! Join us as we talk to Johnson Jeng, Co-founder of PINE A64, the $15 64-bit single board supercomputer about how he and TL Lim created the product almost by accident, the importance of PR, setting goals and much more.

PINE A64, First $15 64-Bit Single Board Supercomputer


Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • How developing a medical device and a voice recognition device became an inexpensive, powerful computer
  • Using Kickstarter to measure demand and test the market
  • The meaning behind the name PINE A64
  • How PINE A64 became a success seemingly overnight
  • Managing minimum order quantities
  • Using Kickstarter to build a community around your product
  • The importance of time management and delegation as an entrepreneur
  • Working with the 12th employee of Apple, the CEO of openHAB and the SVP of Zolt
  • Using your personal connections to help position your product
  • The importance of patience as a Kickstarter creator
  • Using PR to create a buzz
  • Project timing and success
  • Why sending prototypes and samples to journalists is important
  • Why project creators need to stay on top of responding to comments and emails
  • Tips for setting 5 year goals
  • Why you should spend everyday working toward your goals


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