There is no shame in conceding when your crowdfunding campaign has fizzled, but don’t give up when you hit a wall. The key is to implement new strategies to get your campaign back on track and to keep pushing toward your ultimate goal.

Reach Out to Supporters

Get in touch with people who have already contributed to your campaign and ask them to spread the word. They may have contacts who might be interested in your idea.

This is an easy ‘ask,’ because your existing backers are incentivized to help you. Your success brings them a little closer to getting a return on their investment.

Dial Up Social Media

Social media platforms are powerful tools to market your crowdfunding campaign. Post frequent updates on your dedicated social media pages to keep people informed about your progress.

Additionally, consider using Headtalker or Thunderclap to enlist your friends, family and supporters to make your message go viral across social media. These platforms allow you to craft a message asking people to support your Indiegogo or Kickstarter project, then others can support you by letting the platform post the message on their social profiles, all at the same time. Headtalker and Thunderclap campaigns can be an easy way to make a big difference!

Use Kickstarter Live

Kickstarter has a livestream feature that lets you set up video sessions where you interact directly with users. Kickstarter Live is a great way to get your backers excited about your project, hopefully making them brand ambassadors who help recruit new backers.

Kick up your rewards

Consider running a mid-campaign flash sale, offering rewards and perks at a lower price for a limited time. And, of course, be sure to share this flash sale with your social media followers and your email list. You may even want to advertise it with Facebook Ads!

Take Advantage of Referral Programs

Offer special rewards to existing supporters who bring in other contributors. This motivates your supporters to reach out to others that they think would contribute to your campaign, because there is a larger incentive on the table. This works especially well for Indiegogo, because their dashboard makes referrals easy to track.

Offer Stretch Goals

On Kickstarter, stretch goals are objectives that deliver awesome rewards to project supporters once the initial funding goal has been reached.

Stretch goals can jumpstart a stalled campaign by promising to build a product with features that were not in the original concept. Just make sure that if you exceed your funding goal through this method, you keep your promise and deliver the additional features.

Show Your Progress

Just because you need money raised from a crowdfunding campaign to complete your project does not mean that you stop working on iterations, concepts and features. Be sure to share all the work you’re continuing to do on your product so that backers can see how it is evolving.

As you’re updating backers about your products, be sure to heavily utilize graphics and images. Clear, quality pictures and videos are powerful because they show off your product in ways that mere descriptions cannot.

Keep Pushing Towards Your Goal

Reviving your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign is really about identifying missing pieces to the puzzle and filling those holes. By constantly engaging your supporters, incentivizing them to make referrals and showing your product’s progress, you can push forward and achieve all your goals.

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