Entrepreneur’s turning personal passions and small ideas into successful startups…that’s our focus of today’s Kickstarter Hack. Turn a low budget into a successful crowdfunding campaign and create a Kickstarter success story with a simple idea presented personably…who knows what might happen.

AvoSeedo – Grow your own Avocodo Tree with ease!

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Kickstarter Hacks Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Why not all Kickstarters need incredible professionalism and big budgets to succeed
  • How to turn a personal passion into a small startup success
  • Why too niche of a product pitch puts backers in a bind and how to appeal to a broader market segment
  • How sharing the story and struggles really puts backers in the entrepreneur’s shoes
  • The tech specs and wordy words turn backers off from potential purchases
  • How putting a focus on the founder can completely connect with customers
  • The effect of less than stellar product pics when it comes to crowdfunding
  • Why style and design matter, despite what everyone says
  • How to take a slow story and timelapse it to create an incredible graphic
  • Why timelines aren’t always awesome and how to make your story sexier

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