Blast off the efficiency of your business and build a physical product recurring juggernaut while diversifying incomes and outsourcing unsexy tasks…that’s what internet entrepreneur Ryan Lee and I discuss today and 80/20 effective of upleveling your business. Tune in to think outside the box and build a better, more sustainable startup!

Success Quotes

“Don’t write like a copywriter but communicate like a friend.”

Smart Drugs and Entrepreneur Upleveling

  • The power of authenticity in  marketing and sales
  • Why everything needs to be about the end user – tell stories!
  • How to create an entrepreneurial initiative
  • The effect of small steps towards huge success
  • How to take advantage of new opportunities to maximize a technology
  • Why it’s important to diversify your business
  • The way to outsource and grow your team effectively
  • If you don’t need it, don’t do it – OUTSOURCE!
  • Why customer service creates incredible insight into the business
  • ***The real 80/20 effect on business***Become more effective
  • How to focus on the most the important drivers in your business
  • Why you should not feel guilty about breaks and the importance of breaks in business
  • How to incorporate recurring revenue into physical products businesses
  • Why subscription services creates a killer business model
  • How affiliates and outside the box thinking increases bottomline

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