How can successful leaders and innovators invest in the next generation by empowering entrepreneurs? On this episode, you’ll hear from serial entrepreneur Benjamin Arneberg. In his conversation with Roy, Ben opens up about his past crowdfunding success, how he’s utilized Amazon to grow his brand, tips he has for startup entrepreneurs, why he started Product Fuel, and so much more! If you want a peek inside the mind of a prolific business leader, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t miss a minute of this fascinating episode featuring Ben!

How Amazon can help startups.

The big question in many startup circles is, “What is next after crowdfunding?” Time and time again, the answer seems to be, Amazon. Is Amazon really a good platform to take your fledgling product? What makes Amazon a good option for startups? Innovator, Ben Arneberg is convinced that Amazon has the tools and audience that entrepreneurs like you are looking for. Ben has taken multiple crowdfunding projects to Amazon with impressive results! Learn more about Ben’s experience with Amazon and why it’s worth your time to investigate by listening to this engaging episode!

Worthwhile pre-campaign work.

What pre-campaign steps allow a crowdfunded product to get fully funded in the first four hours? Is there a magic formula that can guarantee this type of success? When Ben and his team launched Cold Brew On Tap, they experienced rapid success. Ben says that much of this success can be traced back to the successful campaign they ran previously. He also points to the work he and his team put in with building their audience through email lists and utilizing Facebook Messenger. Find out how you can benefit from using similar tactics as Ben expands on what led to his success and more on this informative episode!

Utilizing Facebook Messenger to connect with your audience.

If you’ve been around the crowdfunding community for very long, you know that one of the hot new topics is utilizing Facebook Messenger. Is it really as good as the rumors suggest? Can you expect a high ratio of open rates? While it may not be an option for everyone, Ben Arneberg and his team have found great success in investing in the use of Facebook Messenger. Instead of spending the time to figure it out themselves, Ben decided to connect with an outside team specializing in Facebook Messenger. The results that they saw were well worth the investment! From high open rates to audience engagement, Ben has become a firm believer in the new wave of utilizing Facebook Messenger to connect with your audience.

What is Product Fuel?

Are you looking for new ways to get your product out to the marketplace? Do you want to work outside of the usual parameters and try different platforms to get your product where it needs to be? Then you should check out what Ben Arneberg and his team are doing at Product Fuel! They are Amazon and crowdfunding experts who have the experience and knowledge to help products and brands get the exposure they need to build momentum and turn a profit. The folks at Product Fuel will be the first to tell you that they won’t guarantee success, but they can offer up their valuable insights and strategies that they have used to get impressive results. To hear more about Product Fuel and their awesome work of empowering entrepreneurs, make sure to listen to this episode!

Key Takeaways

  • [1:10] Benjamin Arneberg joins the podcast to talk about his career in crowdfunding.
  • [2:15] Ben talks about how he got started as an entrepreneur.
  • [4:40] Why Amazon is a great platform for new products.
  • [6:30] Ben opens up about his new product, Cold Brew On Tap.
  • [8:00] What pre-campaign work has led to success?
  • [9:30] Is it practical to utilize Facebook Messenger to connect with your audience?
  • [11:20] Make sure you validate your product idea.
  • [13:00] Tips for putting your product in the best position for success and lessons learned.
  • [15:20] What is Ben working on right now?
  • [17:00] Ben enters the Launch Round – rapid fire questions.
  • [19:50] Why you should check out Ben’s projects.


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