Serial entrepreneur and incredible software designer Michael Flarup graces Art of the Kickstart today with an incredible Black Friday interview better than any retail sales. Our chat covers the challenges of hardware, how fun fuels startup success and what it takes to crowdfund a third of a million dollars. This is an epic interview and I know you’ll love the knowledge this rocking Robocat founder shares.

The Thermodo Kickstarter Campaign

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Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • How to turn your hobby into your job
  • Why you must love what you do as an entrepreneur
  • How to decide which business projects to pursue
  • The way customer complaints can create new invention ideas
  • How diverse projects can keep a team inspired
  • What features to include and what to avoid
  • How turn a software startup into a hardware company
  • The power of bootstrapping your company
  • What goes into build a Kickstarter campaign
  • How manage all the backer expectations and feedback
  • Why pivots can keep companies successful
  • The challenges of building hardware products
  • What you need to do following a successful crowdfunding campaign
  • How hardware feels more fulfilling for entrepreneurs to create

Success Quotes

  • “Do what you think is fun.”


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