We’re back with Crowdfunding Case Studies, high flying hoverboards and mouthwatering meal technologies all courtesy of Kickstarter and the inventive entrepreneurs around the world. Today we breakdown sales of the stomach and ways to rock product photography for crowdfunding success.

The Question of the Day!

“When should you use prototype pictures and when are CAD mockups better?” -Jen from California

MAID OVEN – Make All Incredible Dishes

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In This Particular Episode of Crowdfunding Case Studies We Cover

  • Why mockups often make your products look more appealing to consumers
  • How show overcome an unaesthetic Kickstarter rewards
  • Ways to make a killer Kickstarter video
  • The effect of mouthwatering action shots
  • Why personality and product story tie everything together
  • The importance of testimonials
  • How combine headlines and pictures for high impact conversions
  • Why appealing to hipster backers is a perfect strategy to sell your campaign

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