Happy Saturday folks. Welcome to Episode 12 of Art of the Kickstart – Crowdfunding Case Studies. Today we are rocking out with an incredible Kickstarter story of courage, inspiration and near death entrepreneurship. PS. For the ladies we’ve got firemen fueling crowdfunded business so be prepared to take a closer look at how powerful your startup story can be. Enjoy.

The Question of the Day!

“I don’t see clothes doing very well on Kickstarter and what is making these guys do so well with crowdfunding.” – James in North Carolina

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In This Particular Episode of Crowdfunding Case Studies We Cover

  • The importance of gamechanging products
  • Why clothes rarely do well on Kickstarter
  • Why you must make your campaign as personal as possible
  • How a near death experience can inspire an epic invention
  • Why testimonials in your video makes it real
  • The ACE Hardware effect of onsite shooting
  • How to target your product to your ideal customers segments
  • Ways to use bullet points to pinpoint the purpose of the product
  • Why extra videos are awesome for Kickstarter campaigns
  • How layout affects buyers backing behavior
  • The reason your infographic must be informative to sell

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