Half a million for a hacker keyboard changing the way the world types. Today inventors Kaia and Jesse join to share how opensourcing, building mailing lists and customer testing created a gamechanging ergonomic accessory that has dominated Kickstarter to date.

The Keyboard.io Kickstarter Campaign

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Success Quote

“Learn how to throw yourself towards the ground and miss.”

“The best time to have started your community building and built your mailing list was two years ago, the second best time is today.”

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Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • How a startup collapse can create a business blast off
  • The power of open source products and information
  • Why transparency takes startups to the customer level
  • How open-sourcing allows hardware products to improve over time and engage users
  • The reason beta testers are big market validators for entrepreneurs
  • How to perfect product testing for serious success
  • Startup funding and thoughts on small scale investment
  • The importance of preparing in advance for manufacturing and production runs
  • How to organically grow a mailing list for product launches
  • The importance of connections with big organizations
  • Why a road trip promotion powered Kickstarter success
  • The importance of getting products in front of people
  • What happens when you agree with customer criticism



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