What would it look like to go light and leave your smartphone behind? Is life without your smartphone even possible? What if someone needs to reach you in an emergency? There is a solution, the Light Phone! On this episode, you’ll hear from Light co-founder, Joe Hollier. In his conversation with Roy, Joe opens up about the first Light Phone, why they decided to launch the Light Phone 2, making the switch from crowdfunding on Kickstarter to Indiegogo, plans for the future, and much more! 

Developing a minimalist cell phone.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a more minimalist cell phone experience, leaving your smartphone behind? Where would you even start to develop a phone that embraces a “go light” mentality? On this episode, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and innovator Joe Hollier as he explains how he and his partner, Kaiwei Tang developed the Light Phone. At first, it all started with creating a cell phone that could do one thing, make and receive phone calls. From there, Joe and Kaiwei field tested their product with a select few users who had to take that great leap from smartphone users to Light Phone users. To hear how the whole development process played out, make sure to listen to this engaging episode!

Why bring the “Go Light” movement to crowdfunding?

What led Joe Hollier and his team at Light take the “Go Light” movement to the crowdfunding community? How is the crowdfunding community uniquely suited to test out an innovative product like the Light Phone? Due to the out of the box nature of the Light Phone, Joe and his team decided to take their product to the crowdfunding community because of their reputation for embracing cutting-edge ideas that push the envelope. Through crowdfunding, Light was able to secure enough funding to move forward with the first version of the Light Phone and felt confident enough in its success to return with a campaign for the Light Phone 2. Learn more on this exciting episode!

How an active press campaign helped fan the flames.  

One of the best ways to get a crowdfunded campaign off of the ground is to invest your time and resources into press engagement. While it’s true that some products just happen to take off better than others, it seems that more often than not, campaigns that catch on do so because of good press coverage. Looking back, Joe and his team have identified their efforts with press engagement as one of the most important aspects of their success. Find out how Joe Hollier and his team engaged the press and helped them see the unique offering of the Light Phone by listening to this informative episode!

Switching from Kickstarter to Indiegogo.

How would it impact a crowdfunding campaign to switch from Kickstarter to Indiegogo between product versions? Which one provides the best results? Are there any drawbacks to making a change like that? On this episode, you’ll hear from Joe Hollier as he explains why he and his team at Light switched to Indiegogo for their second campaign with the Light Phone. Joe and his team opted for Indiegogo the second time around due to the support and resources that platform provides for startups. Joe also cites the way that Indiegogo organizes perks for backers as another reason why Light made the switch to use a different platform. Hear more about Joe’s experience working with Indiegogo over Kickstarter by listening to this helpful episode!

Key Takeaways

  • [1:04] Joe Hollier joins the podcast to talk about his product, the Light Phone 2.
  • [5:30] What was the process of developing the first Light Phone?
  • [8:30] Why did Joe and his partner decide to go the crowdfunding route?
  • [11:00] Making the switch from Kickstarter to IndieGoGo.
  • [12:30] How connecting with the press has helped fan the flames.
  • [13:30] Advice for future crowdfunders and surprises faced along the way.
  • [15:00] Connecting with backers and incorporating their feedback.
  • [16:00] Delivering on promises.
  • [17:30] Plans for future projects.
  • [18:30] Joe enters the Launch Round.
  • [20:30] Why you should check out the Light Phone.


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