Let’s face it, buying new bedding isn’t sexy – even sustainable bedding can put you to sleep. That’s why Colin McIntosh and his team at Sheets & Giggles have developed a bedding brand with a personality. On this episode, you’ll hear from Colin as he opens up about how Sheets & Giggles got started, why they chose to take their products to the crowdfunding community, the intricacies of developing sustainable bedding, and so much more! You don’t want to miss this great opportunity to learn from Colin and the amazing brand development work from Sheets & Giggles!

Can you really make sustainable bedding out of eucalyptus?

Did you know that most of the materials you sleep on are not made out of sustainable materials? It’s true! Is there a way to create sustainable bedding? Find out on this episode with guest, Colin McIntosh! In his conversation with Roy, Colin explains how he and his team utilize eucalyptus in place of common materials like cotton to create sustainable bedding. Eucalyptus bedding uses 95% less water than cotton, 30% less energy, and ZERO pesticides. They’re also naturally softer, more breathable, and more moisture-wicking. To hear more about the use of eucalyptus bedding and how it provides a sustainable solution, make sure to check out this fascinating episode!

What is a brand identity map?

Do you ever get the feeling that most brands are dull and boring? When was the last time you encountered a brand that actually took a risk and showed a little personality? On this episode, you’ll hear from Colin McIntosh as he shares why his brand, Sheets & Giggles stands out from the average, boring brand. When he incorporated the brand in 2017, Colin sat down with his team and laid out a “brand identity map.” This exercise allowed Colin and his team to create a fully thought out expression of their brand with a “voice” that stood out from the typical noise that most brands put out. Learn more about Sheets & Giggles’ unique voice and brand identity map by listening to this episode!

Why take sustainable bedding to the crowdfunding community?

What goes through an entrepreneur’s mind when they consider using a crowdfunding platform like IndieGoGo to bring their product to market? According to Colin McIntosh, the decision to bring eucalyptus bedding to the crowdfunding community came simply because he was familiar with the process having launched a product on the platform with a previous startup. Colin also cites the lessons he learned in his first crowdfunding campaign as the reason why he felt better prepared to make a successful second run with a new product. Learn more from Colin’s valuable insights and lessons learned from taking Sheets & Giggles to Indiegogo by listening to this informative episode!

How press coverage can make or break a campaign.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, you should know that great press coverage can launch a crowdfunded campaign from relative obscurity to viral sensation. The question is, how do startups garner positive press coverage and utilize it to their advantage? Sheets & Giggles founder, Colin McIntosh says that it comes down to a leader knowing their strengths and weaknesses. Colin knew that he needed help getting his product noticed and exposed to the press in a way that would catch on with their storylines. That’s why he set out to connect with a solid outside agency who could help him make the right moves with the press. Learn more about Colin’s approach and how he’s led his brand by listening to this engaging episode!

Key Takeaways

  • [1:05] Colin McIntosh joins the podcast to talk about Sheets & Giggles.
  • [1:45] What led Colin to start Sheets & Giggles?
  • [3:00] Why make bedding out of eucalyptus?
  • [4:45] What was the process like to create eucalyptus bedding?
  • [6:20] Challenges faced along the way – why take the crowdfunding route?
  • [8:00] Colin talks about pre-campaign preparations.
  • [10:00] Why it’s helpful to create a brand identity map.
  • [12:10] Tips for garnering good press coverage and the most surprising aspect of crowdfunding.
  • [16:20] Colin enters the Fulfillment Round.
  • [19:10] Why you should check out Sheets & Giggles.


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