Prepare yourself! This is one of the most actionable, insight oriented inventor interviews I’ve ever done. Today Neyma Jahan, the marketing mastermind behind the SmartMat Indiegogo campaigns kicking it off and sharing the lessons learned in business, entrepreneurship and life. We cover crushing $100k campaigns, what it takes to build a billion dollar business and why go big or go home is a must for crowdfunding creators everywhere. This interview pumped me up and I know it will add serious wind to your sails when it comes to your own startup success.

The SmartMat Indiegogo Campaign

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Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Inventing and how to discover great product ideas for now and the future
  • Approaches to building your business around your crowdfunding campaign
  • How new technologies can evolve and change an industry
  • Why you must be able to explain your idea in two sentences or less
  • Finding further funding after crowdfunding
  • Why passion plays a huge role in product development
  • How to critique killer business ideas
  • Ways to market a crowdfunding campaign successfully
  • Why you must plan every step of business success
  • The way to maximize powerful business founders
  • Delegating work within a business
  • The future of wearables
  • How to prepare for your crowdfunding launch day and build an email list
  • What is a problem and what is the best way to build a business
  • The importance of passion for your campaign and how to use it to push your business forward
  • Why advertising should be done before launching on Indiegogo

Success Quotes

  • “You just have to focus on the step in front of you.”


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