Smart homes, once thought of as science fiction, have become very real parts of our lives. Smart homes are popular because the technology they use to make our lives easier is advancing every day. If you’re technologically inclined, inventing and crowdfunding a new smart home product using Kickstarter or Indiegogo is an exciting way to join this trend.

What Makes Your Smart Home System different?

Before you begin your crowdfunding campaign, make sure you know what sets your product from the competition. Examples could be the number of devices you can control, integration with other smart home systems or a quicker response time when you change a setting. When people see your crowdfunding campaign, you want them to know that you are offering something new, better and more exciting.

Campaign Page

Your campaign page will be the public’s introduction to your new product. You need to make sure this page is engaging and informative so it can pull in prospective backers. There are always lots of crowdfunding campaigns out there, so yours needs distinction.

One of the important campaign page elements to consider is photos of your product or concept drawings, both of which provide viewers with a visual of what to expect from the product and its features. With your video, you can incorporate both visuals and audio commentary to provide an overview of your product, why the viewer needs it, and why you need them to help you hit your campaign goal. Photos and videos should always be a focal point of any campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but don’t forget about the importance of copy on the page. You’ll want your copy to be clear and engaging, and explain your smart home product and how it provides a benefit to the reader.

Social Media and Facebook Ads

Social media is a vital tool for reaching people and raising the public’s awareness of your product. Twitter and Facebook accounts for your product can help you advertise to targeted groups, provide engaging updates for your backers and help grow the number of people willing to contribute to your campaign. Daily interaction on your social media accounts helps keep everyone interested.

Facebook Ads are a great way to reach the target audience for your project at an affordable cost. For a Facebook Ad to generate the traffic you want, it will need to attract attention readily. Consider incorporating video, as well as selecting the photos that highlight your product’s benefits most effectively.

Public Relations

An effective public relations campaign can make a big difference in your product’s success. When done correctly, PR outreach helps ensure that the right people see your campaign, including journalists who may decide to write about your smart home Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign. Tech blogs, home improvement blogs and similar online publications may give your crowdfunding project the boost it needs.

Email Marketing

Using a landing page to collect the email addresses of people who want to buy your product prior to even launching is a big piece of a successful crowdfunding campaign. This gives you a large pool of people who are likely to back your smart home crowdfunding project as soon as it launches on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. While your campaign is live, you can continue to use these email addresses to inform them of flash sales, referral programs and more, in hopes of boosting your funding.

For more information on how to launch and manage a successful crowdfunding campaign for a smart home product, get in touch with Art of the Kickstart today.