How would the crowdfunding community respond to a fitness product like a home gym? What does it take to create and market a product like that on a platform like Kickstarter? On this episode, you’ll hear from returning guest, Ron Lynch. In his conversation with Roy, Ron explains why  Kickstarter is such a great platform, how he utilized video to promote his product, challenges he faced along the way, tips for those who want to crowdfund a fitness product, and much more! You don’t want to miss a minute of this helpful episode featuring Ron!

What benefit does Kickstarter provide?

What is it about Kickstarter that attracts business leaders and innovators like Ron Lynch? On this episode, you’ll hear from Ron as he explains why he trusts the Kickstarter platform and community with the launch of products like the Rove Gym. For Ron and his team, the advantage of using Kickstarter rests on the ability to market test new and innovative products. Ron also cites the ability to get quick reactions from a broad range of prospective buyers as another reason why Kickstarter stands out as a helpful platform for entertainers. To hear more of Ron’s perspective on Kickstarter’s unique advantages, make sure to check out this informative episode!

How social media “stories” can help promote your product.

Have you ever seen a brand utilize tools like Facebook and Instagram “Stories” to promote their products? As social media becomes increasingly lucrative for innovators and marketers to highlight their products, how can business leaders like you leverage these tools to your advantage? Using the “Stories” feature that Facebook and Instagram offer, Ron and his team put together a “highlight reel” with graphics and videos of the Rove Gym and paired it with a lead funnel ad. The results were substantial and allowed Ron and his team to collect over 3,000 pre-launch emails. Get more info on this important topic by listening to this episode!

Make sure you know your audience!

One of the common mistakes many entrepreneurs and startups make is not properly identifying their target audience. How can leaders like you avoid this common mistake? On this episode, you’ll hear from Ron Lynch as he explains how he and his team addressed this vital aspect of crowdfunding success. Due to the specific nature of the Kickstarter demographic, Ron and his team knew that their product would resonate with them right away. Ron also mentions that knowing who your target audience is, inside and out, allows you to create a customized, creative approach for the crowd you are trying to reach. Discover more helpful insights from Ron’s perspective by listening to this episode!

Tips for sellers considering a health or fitness product.

How can entrepreneurs in the fitness and health sector learn from Ron’s approach and replicate similar results? Is there a certain angle that Ron and his team used that will help this particular product type find more success than others? Ron suggests thinking through a couple of questions:

  1. Is the product truly innovative?
  2. Can you bring the product to crowdfunding with a price that leaves you enough margin?
  3. Is your target audience really on Kickstarter?

To hear Ron expand on these questions and provide further tips from his seasoned perspective, make sure to catch this engaging episode!  

Key Takeaways

  • [1:05] I introduce my guest, Ron Lynch.
  • [1:50] Why is Kickstarter such a good platform to launch products?
  • [2:50] Utilizing Instagram and Facebook stories to highlight a product.
  • [4:20] Why the Rove Gym is a good fit for Kickstarter.
  • [5:40] Breaking the rules with a product video.
  • [7:15] Ron talks about audience targeting.
  • [8:40] Challenges that Ron and his team have run into along the way.
  • [10:10] Tips for future crowdfunded health and fitness products.
  • [11:45] Ron enters the Launch Round.
  • [13:10] What is the future of crowdfunding?
  • [14:55] Why you should connect with Ron.


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