Today we have a truly incredible Kickstarter company to review as COFFEEBOXX by OXX becomes the focus of our crowdfunding case study. This particular startup product company does an amazing job with branding, customer experience and storytelling and creates a compelling Kickstarter campaign that buyers and backers everywhere will love. Tune in if you’re interested in ways to make an unconventional product stand out and shine among a sea of common coffee makers.


The COFFEEBOXX™: The Worldʼs Toughest Coffee Maker

The Question of the Day!

“Why do most popular Kickstarter campaigns not have calls to action at the end of the videos?” -Doug in London

[one-half-first][/one-half-first][one-half]CoffeeBoxx Kickstarter Stats[/one-half]

In This Particular Episode of Crowdfunding Case Studies We Cover

  • How to create a compelling call to action
  • Why some startups need less personality to succeed
  • Effective ways to mimic popular product ads
  • How to be over the top and successfully showcase a product
  • Why targeting your campaign and product around a niche market is effective
  • One way to make EPIC media mentions stand out
  • Showcasing use cases and backer behavior
  • The importance of incredible product photography for crowdfunding campaigns
  • Why infographics need to be simple and straightforward for backers
  • How to stand create amazing product headlines

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