Welcome back to Art of the Kickstart – Crowdfunding Case Studies! Unfortunately nobody wrote in about the Bomber Bag Kickstarter campaign so instead I’ll ramble on about Strainer Bowl’s aesthetically designed Kickstarter campaign and how even commonplace products can be highly successful crowdfunding campaigns with the right design and stylistic efforts.

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STRAINER BOWL – Beautiful and practical in so many ways

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In This Particular Episode of Crowdfunding Case Studies We Cover

  • The dynamics of low crowdfunding campaign goals
  • How non-revolutionary products can still make great Kickstarter campaigns
  • Why telling the story of your startup is critically important to success
  • How to use consistency in a campaign to make it flow
  • Why food fuels crowdfunding campaigns
  • The reason product video appeals to backers
  • How to avoid sounding like an infomercial
  • Why aesthetic design of your campaign page is so vital

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