There shouldn’t a Kickstarter Hacks podcast today…but there is. We’re gaming the iTunes algorithm and doing everything imaginable to outrank Jerry Seinfeld, James Franco and all those other celebrity studs launching their own podcast. Power of the crowd!

But today’s Kickstarter Hack – Crowdfunding Cheat podcast puts it on from product creators looking to fund. We cover the incredible MeArm hacker robotics toy for all and how one open source entrepreneur is working to teach individuals everywhere about the awesome power of coding and robotics in real world, future success. Tune in, take away something and if you have any crowdfunding questions please write in to help keep them coming.

MeArm – Pocket Sized Industrial Robotics for Everybody

MeArm Kickstarter Funding Amount

The Question of the Day!

“How do you deal with lack of business/entrepreneurial experience when launching a crowdfunding campaign to still get backer support.” -Kyle in Arizona

MeArm Kickstarter Project

  • How build crowdfunding success as an inexperienced entrepreneur
  • Ways to use open sourcing to get more backers and support
  • What it takes to create a compelling Kickstarter headline
  • How to sharing the mission of your company builds backer bonds
  • Why you should appeal to backers personalities with your startup branding
  • The reason inventors should take a little extra time to improve the copywriting of their campaigns
  • Why some stretch goals are better left off
  • How to make a complicated product accessible for all
  • The reason targeting and helping kids can create serious crowdfunding success
  • Why you need to have a tons of product pics to appeal to backers
  • How simplicity sometimes trumps aesthetics
  • Why rewards infographics are incredibly important
  • How to create an extremely personal and transparent crowdfunding campaign

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