Sourcing products from China can be nightmare, but it’s necessary for Kickstarters and entrepreneurs. Today Matt Kowalak brings a decade of product sourcing expertise to help businesses find suppliers and manufacturers to help their companies grow and increase product profit margins. It’s China Product Sourcing 101….plus a ton more!

Key Business Takeaways(I know it’s a lot!)

  • Ways to turn teaching English abroad into an incredible life experience
  • Why entrepreneurs often make awful employees
  • How to find business partners and cofounders to create powerful enterprises
  • The keys to sourcing products from China and strategies to make it happen
  • Alibaba vs sourcing agents and understanding Chinese manufacturing
  • Why you’ve got to have a vision to create a story worth telling
  • How having history makes products seem more real and valuable
  • Why entrepreneurs must understand 100% product production to get it right
  • The reason creators must take responsibility for product rather than relying on manufacturer
  • Getting factories on board for small run Kickstarter campaigns
  • The pros and cons of living near your factory
  • The 10% padding rule to supply chain success
  • How to understand the mindset of manufacturers for success
  • Lead time and looking at how it affects your business planning
  • Juggling suppliers and startup management strategies for sourcing
  • Anticipating issues before they arise and planning for success
  • The reason you NEED multiple suppliers to stay safe



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