Remember the golden days of water gun hysteria? Back in the 90’s, it was every kid’s goal to wear their parents down until they eventually caved in and bought them the best water gun on the market. From the super soaker craze to water balloon grenades, it seemed like every summer was an escalation of water weaponry. Where did all that fun and excitement go? Why are water guns so lame today? Sebastian Walter joins this episode to showcase his revolutionary water gun, Spyra One. In his conversation with Roy, Sebastian opens up about what led him to create the next generation of water guns, what the design process was like, how he engaged his backers, and much more! Don’t miss a minute of this fascinating episode featuring Sebastian and Spyra One!

Capitalizing on nostalgia.

As millions of kids from the 80’s and 90’s become the dominant purchasing group in America, retailers are scrambling to appeal to their interests. Leveraging nostalgia is one of the largest trends to capitalize on this target demographic. Taking one look at the box office will confirm this trend, the dominance of superhero films is just one example of the power of nostalgia. Sebastian Walter dove deep into the recesses of his childhood and found a key item that taps into the nostalgia trend and is ripe for disruption, water guns. Find out how Sebastian and his team are changing the face of the water gun market with their product, Spyra One!

More than just a toy.

You’d think that a few tweaks here and a few improvements there would be an easy way to make a profit off of a product that hasn’t seen innovation in decades, and you’d be right! But Sebastian Walter and his team took it a step further with the Spyra One. The biggest innovation is the pump integrated into the water gun; their campaign videos show users placing the gun into the water and the pump refills 25 shots worth of water in about 14 seconds. They’ve also included a digital readout that tells users how many shots are left before refilling is required. Sebastian and his team have done more than tweak a product for a profit, they have redesigned a toy with the passion and innovation of people who love what they are doing. Learn more about their story on this fascinating episode!

Spreading the word.

When was the last time that you shared something that you were passionate about on social media? How about with a friend? When you find something that you love, your natural inclination is to share it with people in your social circle! The same is true when it comes to innovative products like Spyra One. Before they even launched on Kickstarter, Sebastian Walter and his team worked hard to spread the word about their new and innovative water gun. Once they got the product in front of people and in their hands, the excitement caught on quick. Leveraging this excitement, Sebastian continued to stoke the flames until the product launched, resulting in a $60,000 funding goal fulfilled in about 25 minutes. What can you learn from Sebastian’s powerful story?

Be real!

Don’t you hate it when you are sold one story but come to find out the real truth? Then why market like that? While every startup entrepreneur works hard to put their best foot forward, there is real value in leading with transparency and authenticity! The days of polished and perfect are quickly fading – it’s time to look for ways to tell your brand’s story in a way that really connects with the public. Sebastian Walter is convinced that his product was able to succeed on Kickstarter because the product was engaging and they told the story in a humble and authentic way. Hear more of Sebastian’s story and why it’s so important to lead with authenticity by listening to this episode!

Key Takeaways

  • [1:05] Sebastian Walter joins the podcast to talk about his product, Spyra One.
  • [3:45] What was the design process like for the Spyra One?
  • [5:10] Spreading the word and ramping up excitement.
  • [8:00] Engaging the press and creating worthwhile stretch goals.
  • [10:00] Crowdfunding tips from Sebastian.
  • [12:00] Utilizing feedback from backers.
  • [14:00] The value of authenticity in marketing and engagement. Future plans?
  • [15:40] Sebastian enters the Launch Round, rapid-fire questions.
  • [17:40] Why you should check out Spyra One.


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