An Irish invention improving upon the age old of struggles of camping…tune in for a deep interview on overcoming corporate and building a high end, completely original company looking to make massive waves in the retail distribution for outdoorsy products.

The Thermo Tent Kickstarter Campaign

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Success Quote

“You can’t build a business in one month but you can certainly destroy a brand in a month.”

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Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Will people pay for it – the critical question to product success
  • Ways to deal with bad suppliers and find factories to work with
  • Strategies for China sourcing products
  • Why you must solve your own issues for better product design
  • The reason big companies don’t always build the best products
  • Ways to target customers and niche down for success
  • Post-Kickstarter strategies for distribution and growth
  • The role of tradeshows and partnerships in product scale
  • Understanding intellectual property and what you need to know
  • The importance of professionalism in product-market fit
  • The power of mission in business success



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