Today a killer tech company just featured on ABC is changing the world of automotive connectivity, bring smart tech to your car – prevent texting and driving, forgetting where you parked and so much more. This is tech founders 101 and ways to uplevel your inner Steve Jobs to sell more stuff!

The AwareCar Kickstarter Campaign

AwareCar Kickstarter Funding amount

Success Quote

“Whatever you do, give your best.”


Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Ways to turn a simple tech product into a solid business model
  • Challenges engineers and technical founders face marketing a product
  • When it is time to think about entering an accelerator
  • How to progress after a successful Kickstarter campaign
  • What college fails to teach you about entrepreneurship
  • The future of connected, smart computing
  • Why dumbing down tech products is the smartest thing ever!
  • The value of advisers and business experts helping out inexperienced entrepreneurs


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