Hey there crowdfunders, welcome to another awesome episode of Kickstarter Hack. I hope your New Year’s resolutions are still intact and you’re getting closer to whatever your goals may be.

Today we’re checking out FishBitand things are about to get…fishy! This episode covers building a business around beta testers, targeting ideal customer segments and most importantly creating a startup story of product development that Kickstarter backers can feel a part of. Enjoy.

FishBit: Your Aquarium Made Simple (Beta Release)

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Kickstarter Hacks Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

-How to appeal specifically to a single target customer segment
-Why founder focused stories can add value to a crowdfunding campaign
-How to successfully sell a call to action
-The way beta testers can effectively become part of the startup and committed to the cause
-Why simple is often better when it comes to backers
-The way to swim against he current and be original while still succeeding on Kickstarter
-Why storytelling and showing product prototype development is crucial to funding
-How to not bore backers with overly technical product specs
-The reason personality pushes some startups into success

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