How to Assemble a Winning Crowdfunding Team

Having a strong team is paramount to the success of your crowdfunding campaign. You need a group of passionate individuals who care about the project as much as you do. A supportive team will enable you to break up the workload and expand your reach, especially to potential backers. Without a good team, you likely won’t raise as much money.

In fact, campaigns run by two or more people will generate, on average, 94 percent more funds than those run by a single person. Moreover, campaigns with four or more people raise 138 percent more than those with only one person. The numbers speak for themselves. You need a team behind you to have a successful crowdfunding campaign. Below we’ve outlined seven roles you’ll need to fill.

Team leader

Your team leader is the person who pushes the campaign forward, takes on planning the project and is responsible for the big financial and strategic decisions. This role needs someone with a strong integrated marketing background, giving the leader the knowledge to see how all your marketing channels should fit together.

Public relations

Public relations is the backbone of earned media. This person focuses on online publications that will provide maximum benefits for the campaign. Ideally, this person has a network of tech journals already through which they can promote your campaign.

Facebook ads coordinator

Facebook advertising is one of the best ways to draw lots of backers to a campaign, not to mention provide data to see if the campaign is doing well. Effective advertising can fill the top of any marketing funnel better than competing communication channels. This should be its own task, not something handled by the social media manager on the side because it is an entirely unique skill set.


The copywriter creates written copy, including the campaign page, blog posts, crowdfunding email marketing content, backer updates and more.


The designer is tasked with designing campaign graphics such as infographics, product shots, a pitch video or any other assets which enhance a campaign.

Social media manager

Focus your social media efforts on attracting new backers to your campaign and staying in touch with your community. Attracting backers means getting an audience with those who might help you. Social media is a powerful tool for making this happen. If your followers are given incentives to share your content or support you, then you can amplify the spread of your message there. You will likely need full-time individuals to help you monitor your online presence and respond to any questions or concerns immediately.

Campaign manager

The campaign manager is tasked with responding to comments, handling backer feedback and otherwise coordinating the fundraising and advertising efforts.

While there are certainly some roles that can be combined and allocated to a single individual, a team really needs someone handling each of these things individually if they can afford it. It is imperative that at a minimum you have these positions filled, maybe even with more than one person. Alternatively, you can hire a crowdfunding marketing agency to help you out.

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