For college project to crushing Kickstarter to the tune of half a million dollars today’s Art of the Kickstart interview highlights an incredibly young, motivated and successful entrepreneur revolutionizing wearable sleep technology. Daniel Lee, founder of Hush shares his lean startup secrets to success and how constantly pitching and pushing a product can help refine and revamp an idea in ways you never even imagine. Hope this one holds your attention!

The Hush Kickstarter Campaign

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Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Why some inventors do stumble into entrepreneurship
  • The challenges of building a successful startup while in college
  • How entrepreneurs can start businesses while in schoole
  • The power of business competitions in refining a pitch
  • How to bring on cofounders
  • Why traction is all that counts in startup success
  • The reason crowdfunding is critical for hardware companies
  • Why venture capitalists love seeing Kickstarter success before inventing
  • The best way to build a launch list
  • How to navigate the roller coaster of entrepreneurship
  • Strategies for Kickstarter marketing and hype
  • The reason you need a powerful push for crowdfunding success
  • How to use local pitch events to drive Kickstarter success
  • When to partner for manufacturing and engineering expertise
  • Why huge campaigns can motivate inventors everywhere
  • Why wearables will evolve into action based engagement

Success Quotes

  • “Entrepreneurship wasn’t even on my mind until it happened”


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