August may be here, but summer is far from over! Make the most of the warm weather with innovative outdoor gear like these four Kickstarter projects.

To Shield The Elements: Shapeshifter Sunhat

A hat is an essential piece of equipment when enjoying nature. Worry less and enjoy the scenery more with the world’s first shapeable stiff brim sunhat. This sunhat is also super portable, machine washable, waterproof and extra wind resistant. Get it here.

To Climb and Hike: The BRISE Pants

Climb and hike in the wilderness or walk down city streets in these rock climbing pants. These stylish, yet functional pants combine a modern design with the freedom of outdoor adventure. This gives you the ability to move freely while staying comfortable and looking sharp. Get it here.

To Carry Your Gear: The Chameleon Pack

When your gear does more, you can carry less. After a long hike this pack easily transforms into an ultra-light chair so you can take a load off. While holding up to 32 liters, you can access all your gear while lounging in your chair without emptying anything from your pack. Get it here.

To Cook Your Food: WG Everyday Carry Grill

In the wilderness it’s inconvenient to bring along a large grill. This grill is as portable as the food you bring! Weighing only a little over 2 lb., the WG is simple to assemble, easy to adjust, and effortless to clean. Perfect for every outdoor scene. Get it here.