Drones, gamechanging technology and incredible sales strategy are on tap today as the Zano Drone Kickstarter campaign is critiqued to analyze their incredible success. With over $300k raised in under 6 days this crowdfunding high flyer is taking off and offer excellent examples of how to effective formulate a Kickstarter strategy.


ZANO – Autonomous. Intelligent. Swarming. Nano Drone.

The Question of the Day!

“Is it okay to copy successful marketing campaigns in your Kickstarter video?” -Jeff from Quebec

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In This Particular Episode of Crowdfunding Case Studies We Cover

  • How and when to use mimicry to your advantage
  • How to showcase action shots to engage backers
  • Why subtitles sell Kickstarter videos
  • One way make headlines and copy stand out
  • Why you need to show customers exactly how your product works
  • The importance extra crowdfunding videos
  • Why features and benefits are both important in sales
  • Ways to reduce boredom for backers
  • Why infographics need to be simple and straightforward for backers
  • The reason you should share the future vision of the company
  • How to take advantage of stretch goals in funding your startup
  • Ways to maximize the effectiveness of your FAQs

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